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To Do lists get longer and longer every year

  I have heard many people say, "I just cannot fit all these errands into my day".

Rainbow Delivery Service in Lubbock, TX is here to give that helping hand.
We are proud to offer dependable errand services for people within the Lubbock community.  
For your peace of mind, Rainbow Delivery Service is bonded.
(806-317-8555) we provide you a receipt with every delivery.    

Proudly Serving: Lubbock, Woodrow, New Deal, Shallowater, Wolfforth, Slaton, Ransom Canyon and Abernathy                                 

Services We Offer

  •   Grocery Shopping  
  •   We deliver and pick up your laundry at your cleaners  
  •   Carrier Services 
  •   Shopping Assistance
  •   Deliver flowers 
  •   Pick up office Supplies 
  •    Deliver flowers 
  •    Mail packages      
  •   Deliver that last minute present 
  •   Deliver flowers for a funeral you can not attend  
  •   Transport your beloved pet to the vet or groomers     


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                     We are Bonded                                    

About Us

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  Rainbow Delivery Service       

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Helping Our Citizens everyday

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Customer Service, Quality

Thank you Karen! Andrew is so sick with the flu. His brother took him to urgent care last night-but he needed additional assistance quickly this afternoon, and you were there! Thank you for offering this assistance! You are a blessing! Sincerely, Julie Lindberg

rainbow delivery service was wonderful! my daughter is a student at Texas Tech University and she does not have a car. she is sick with the flu and had no way of getting medicine she needed, thanks to Karen and rainbow delivery services my daughter can sleep easy tonight! what a wonderful service.

 I love ❤️ the personal touch that was shown to my ill Son who is far away in college. The delivery lady Karen could have just the left groceries and medicine at the door knowing that my Son may have been contagious with the Flu but she, showed compassion by waiting for him to come to door and giving them to him. I would have had to drive 5 and half hours to take care of him but, Karen saved the day and took care of my him. You could never put a price on service like this! Unbelievable company just one in a million!
Sign: Happy Mom 

 Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! Kindly, Melissa Gillespie
Executive Account Manager
Private Jet Services

 Mrs. Wright “Exceptional service on a last minute order. Very professional and accommodating service. I would highly recommend.” 

  I would like to highly recommend Karen Scott's business, Rainbow Delivery.  Karen has done a wonderful job for us!  We live in Cocoa, Florida and for the last two years have called Karen many times to buy things for  my mother-in-law, Dorothy Marney , living in the Assisted Living place, Promiseland,  in Lubbock , Texas.  She has done an excellent job, including buying flowers for her for  on Mother 's day!  
  I highly recommend Karen Scott for her professionalism, as she did a great job for us!
      Sincerely , Dana and Ben Marney       



  Customer Service, Quality Went above and beyond..thank you Mrs Scott!   


  Customer Service, Other, Quality Very responsive to my multiple requests and instructions. I will use again.  


Books of Poems


As you keep watch
You now walk with Jesus
We that are left here will miss your smile
Your hugs, that uplifting word you always gave
We have you in our hearts remembering your example.
 As the clouds move across the sky
So, does a man or woman move into the hearts of others
You gave of yourself to others
The bright flower, teaching us each & every day

By Karen Scott

This is Karen's most recent poem. Karen also writes short stories for children making them the main character.

Dear Lord

Poems and Prayers over one year

Never and always Touching And Touched

Poems and short stories